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没收 英文

My mobile phone was confiscated.

confiscate [5kCnfiskeit] vt. 没收, 充公, 查抄, 征用 adj. 被没收的 Fruit knife will be confiscated at the Airport Security.

短语 可没收的confiscable;forfeitable;sequestrable;confiscable forfeitable 被没收的confiscate;konfisziert 该没收的forfeitable 被没收的股份forfeitedshare 没收的抵押财产foreclosed assets;foreclosed a ets 报废的没收的condemned...

我没收 I don't receive the mail 我没收到 The mail doesn't reach.

confiscate 比如the teacher confiscate his phone 老师没收了他的手机

confiscate; expropriate; forfeit; sequestrate


没收订金 forfeit the deposit (民间经济行为) confiscate the deposit (gf 经济行为)

The goods are confiscated by Industrial and Commercial Bureau. We are thinking what to do now.

ial that attended such public observances

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