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没收 英文

My mobile phone was confiscated.

短语 可没收的confiscable;forfeitable;sequestrable;confiscable forfeitable 被没收的confiscate;konfisziert 该没收的forfeitable 被没收的股份forfeitedshare 没收的抵押财产foreclosed assets;foreclosed a ets 报废的没收的condemned...

我没收 I don't receive the mail 我没收到 The mail doesn't reach.

confiscate; expropriate; forfeit; sequestrate

最简单的就是 it's okay 在我这边这句用的最多 还有就像前几位说的 it's fine, it doesn't matter , it's all right, never mind之类的 望采纳(づ ̄ 3 ̄)づ

英语表达如下 :Did you find it? 补充说明: (1)Did you find it?找到了吗? 继续表达有没有结果可以按照以下方式追问: anything positive? (表示既然没找到,比较有希望的消息有吗?得到什么正面的线索了吗?) (2)举例: A:Did you fo...

Have not been able to make it yet ... ... Move towards

No. Nothing. None. 三选一

Because I have played mobile phone in class, the teacher put it confiscated 纯手工翻译,来自“译海无涯”团队,望采纳!

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