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没收 英文

My mobile phone was confiscated.

confiscate 比如the teacher confiscate his phone 老师没收了他的手机

短语 可没收的confiscable;forfeitable;sequestrable;confiscable forfeitable 被没收的confiscate;konfisziert 该没收的forfeitable 被没收的股份forfeitedshare 没收的抵押财产foreclosed assets;foreclosed a ets 报废的没收的condemned...

没收订金 forfeit the deposit (民间经济行为) confiscate the deposit (gf 经济行为)

我没收 I don't receive the mail 我没收到 The mail doesn't reach.

在欧美没有什么"没收"的说法,任何犯规一定先custody 代为监管:.例如: My mobile phone is under custody by the teacher while I used it during class.

没收 mòshōu confiscate; expropriate 警察把他的驾驶执照没收了。 The police have taken away his driver's license.

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