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近年来经济发展越来越快 英语怎么说?

As the economy developes more and more quickly, the number of factories grows bigger and bigger.

With the rapid development of the economy, more and more problems have been brought to our attention.

The development of society will be more and more fast, more and more harmonious 社会的发展将会越来越快,越来越和谐

In recent years,with the Internet developing faster and faster,people can do many things through the Internet,for example reading.

社会发展的越来越快 The social develpment is more and more fast.

The population in the world is increasing faster and faster. population 人口 increase 增长 faster and faster 越来越快 "越来越......”的说法是“形容词的比较级+and+同一个形容词的比较级”,比如,变得越来越好的说法是become better and ...

The world population is soaring at an increasing speed.

With the development of the tourism industry,more and more people begin to travel and the rapid development of economy is a good thing,but it also brings a lot of harm to the environment.

faster and faster the modern life goes 1 用比较级 2 在这里节奏一般不用翻译 翻译原则之一要力求简练

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