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近年来经济发展越来越快 英语怎么说?

1.In recent years,the economic of the China develops faster and faster. 2.It's great when i'm back home

As the economy developes more and more quickly, the number of factories grows bigger and bigger.

The population in the world is increasing faster and faster. population 人口 increase 增长 faster and faster 越来越快 "越来越......”的说法是“形容词的比较级+and+同一个形容词的比较级”,比如,变得越来越好的说法是become better and ...

社会发展的越来越快 The social develpment is more and more fast.

In recent years,with the Internet developing faster and faster,people can do many things through the Internet,for example reading.

More and more fast pace of life

The development of society will be more and more fast, more and more harmonious 社会的发展将会越来越快,越来越和谐

With the development of science and technology, mobile phone is more and more convenient, quick, is equivalent to a small computer. 望采纳~:-P

The weather changes very quicky!

With economy booming,the quality of life draws more and more attention ,which has also made green concepts well known to all.Yes,my topic today is "green is my favourite color".I love green。

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