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In order to show their great love and respect,ρeople have to put their hands on their heads and shake them up and down. This means that it is very happy to see each other.

在卡巴拉里的 Ein Sof, 或 Ayn Sof (/艾因索夫/,希伯来文:איןסו)是被理解成上帝在还没表明任何神灵世界的产生时,大概来自于伊本·盖比鲁勒的词,''the Endless One''。


渣像素,图片看不清…… 大学书店(?)是一种自主经营、产权归校方所有的组织,成立于1921年。书店向学生、教职工以及访客提供各种各样的产品及服务……

联合国教科文组织 2003 规定 马来西亚作为无形的文化遗产 实践 表达方式 表现 知识 技能与工具是一样的 物体 人工制品 和文化 的空

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There are four famous Chinese masterpieces, which are 'Three Kingdoms' , 'Outlaws of the Marsh', 'Journey to the West' and 'Dream of Red Mansions'. They are Chinese classical literature as well as the pinnacle of Chinese classi...

深圳市南山区高新技术产业园北区北环大道北侧大族创新大厦 Dazu Chuangxin Mansion, North of Beihuan Avenue, North Area, Hi-Tech Industrial Park, Nanshan District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, China

Today we are going to tell a story about a Chinese play in Tanzania, now let's begin.

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