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There are four famous Chinese masterpieces, which are 'Three Kingdoms' , 'Outlaws of the Marsh', 'Journey to the West' and 'Dream of Red Mansions'. They are Chinese classical literature as well as the pinnacle of Chinese classi...

您好! 其实坦桑尼亚的社交礼仪还有“举拳礼”、“屈膝礼”、“尖叫礼”。 In fact, the social etiquette in Tanzania is also called "boxing ceremony", "kneeling ceremony", "shriek". 希望帮到您!

在卡巴拉里的 Ein Sof, 或 Ayn Sof (/艾因索夫/,希伯来文:איןסו)是被理解成上帝在还没表明任何神灵世界的产生时,大概来自于伊本·盖比鲁勒的词,''the Endless One''。

十五年前 Fifteen years ago/Before fifteen years 阴凉的晨 In a cool morning 恍恍惚惚 Being in a trance 清晰的诀别 Say farewell in plain 每夜,梦中的你 Every night in my dream 梦中是你 Dreaming of you 与枕俱醒 Wake up alone 觉得...

东南267径16015号, 科文顿,华盛顿州 美国 98042(邮编)

In order to commemorate this full moon night, descendants set the day of September on the lunar calendar as "Janai Purnima".

深圳市南山区高新技术产业园北区北环大道北侧大族创新大厦 Dazu Chuangxin Mansion, North of Beihuan Avenue, North Area, Hi-Tech Industrial Park, Nanshan District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, China

不是很清楚“4门”是指什么,是指4号房间还是什么呢?只能按照我理解的翻了 Room 4, 9th Floor, Unit 1, Building 4 我是按照“四号房间”翻的“4门”,如果直译“4门”的话是Door 4,但是似乎在外国没看到过别人这么写门牌号的……

No. 102, Block T25, Huanan International Textile and Clothing Materials Logistic Zone (Phase 1), No.1, Huanan Avenue, Pinghu Subdistrict, Longgang District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, P.R.China.

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