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合作 英文

前往不要用cooperate!!! 那个更是“配合”的意思,有点不得已的感觉,而不是合作。很高兴和你合作就是It's my pleasure to work with you. 或者It's been a pleasure working with you.或者 It's a great pleasure to have the opportunity to ...

战略合作,若要细分用法的话,如下: Strategic partner --- 战略伙伴 strategic partnership --- 战略合作 Strategic business unit --- 战略企业单位 全面合作伙伴关系 --- all-around partnership 战略协作伙伴关系 --- strategic partnership

I hope we can have long-term cooperation. 祝你学习进步,更上一层楼! (*^__^*) 不明白的再问哟,请及时采纳,多谢!

您好! 有如下句子: 众人拾柴火焰高 When everybody adds fuel the flames rise high. Great things may be done by mass effort. The fire burns high when everybody adds wood to it. Where many help to gather firewood the flames shoot ...

可以说成: Win-win cooperation 希望能够帮到您。

英语是:Hope to cooperate with you for a long time. 句子解释: hope 英[həʊp] 美[hoʊp] n. 希望,期望; 希望的东西; 被寄予希望的人或事物、情况; 抱有希望的理由; vt. 希望,期望; vt. [俚语] 相信,认为; [例句]She had de...

team work 英 [ti:m wə:k] 美 [tim wɚk] 【词典】协同工作,工作小组 例句: Have a good sense of responsibility and team work. 具有工作责任感和团队合作精神。

合作导师 Cooperation mentor Co-Advisor 创新校企合作双导师制构建高职测绘类专业教学新体系 Innovative School-Enterprise Cooperation," Two-mentoring "Construction of Surveying and Mapping Category Higher Professional Education of t...

希望我们合作愉快英语: I hope we can cooperate happily。 语言点:cooperate v.合作;配合;共同起作用 双语例句: 1:不用谢。希望我们合作愉快!不用谢。希望我们合作愉快! No need to thank me. I hope we can work together. 2:希望我...

work with sb cooperate with sb

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