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电灯泡 [diàn dēng pào] n. electric bulb 双语例句: 1.He has only the most basic amenities in his one room tenement - a single electricbulb , and a fan. 在他租的房子里,只有最为基本的娱乐设施——电灯和风扇。 2.Many leading scienti...



电灯泡不亮了 翻译: The electric light bulb is not on.

电灯泡英语是[third wheel]下面给出例句和解释. The "third wheel" refers to the person who is the outsider when there is a group of three. Example: "You two go on ahead without me. I don't want to be the third wheel." An analogy c...

lamp [l??mp] n. 灯, 照明器 an arc lamp 弧光灯 the lamps of heaven 天灯(日、月、星) lampblack n. 黑[灯, 油]烟, 锅[灯]黑 lamp-chimney n. (煤油灯用)玻璃灯罩 lamphole n. 灯孔, 灯井 lamphouse [??l??mpha??s] n. (仪器上的)光源 lamp-ir...

In 1809, and English chemist called Humphry Davy invented the first electric light. He used several wires, a battery, and a charcoal trip to connect the circuit, and the first arc lamp was invented by the glowing of the charged...

灯,翻译为light, 读为 莱特 希望帮助您,祝您天天向上!

He invented the electric light. 一定要有the!

你好! 电灯 electric lamp 英[iˈlektrik læmp] 美[ɪˈlɛktrɪk læmp] [词典] 电灯; [例句]It is well known that Edison invented the electric lamp. 人们都知道是爱迪生发明了电灯。

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