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Take off your shoes. 脱下你的鞋子

Take off your shoes. 脱下你的鞋子

show off 英[ʃəu ɔf] 美[ʃo ɔf] [词典] 使突出; 炫耀,卖弄; [例句]All right, there's no need to show off 好了,没必要炫耀。 Naomi was showing off her engagement ring 娜奥米正在炫耀她的订婚戒指。 She had ma...

take off这个短语常用的意思有两个,一个是起飞,一个是脱掉。我给你各举一个例子。 1、The airplane is going to take off in ten minutes. 飞机将在10分钟后起飞。 2、I have to take my jacket off because it is too hot here. 我得把我的夹...

He jumped out of the hole to ask for help

pick off 1.掐下,摘下,摘掉(水果、花朵等): It took him quite some time to pick off the burs that had stuck to his coat. 花了好长时间他才把粘在衣服上的刺摘掉。 2.逐个地(或有选择地)瞄准射杀: The sniper picked off the enemy sold...

My father set off to Shanghai this morning.

be off 英[bi: ɔf] 美[bi ɔf] [释义] 离开,取消; [例句] 1、He could be struck off the medical register. 他可能会被取消医生执业资格。 2、And while Goldman ( GS) itself appears to be off the hook, Manhattan prosecutors ar...

PUT OFF 有敷衍,延期,脱去的意思 Women who put off having a baby often make the mothers. 晚育的女性通常会成为优秀的母亲。 I am not going to be put off with that excuse. 我不会被那个借口敷衍过去。 I want to put my cloth off, it ...


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