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I don't care=我不在乎 1. I don't care whether it rains, I am happy. 我才不在乎下不下雨呢,我快活着呢。 2. I don't know, and for that matter, I don't care. 我不知道,对此我也不在乎。 3. Please give me something to drink, I don't...

I don't care

口语化一点,标准交流中:I don't give a damn 实在要翻也行:I don't fucking care. 比较粗俗,很多美剧美国大片里都是这么说,建议你不要讲,有点粗鲁。

英语是:I don't care! 重点词汇解释: care 英[keə(r)] 美[ker] v. 照顾; 关心; 担心; 喜爱; n. 照顾; 小心; 忧虑; [例句]Does anybody know we're here, does anybody care? 有谁知道我们在这儿?有谁在乎?

您的问题很简单。呵呵。百度知道很高兴帮助您解决您提出的问题。 原句:假装不在乎 翻译:Affectation; don't care about it;pretend to not mind ; 我可以假装不在乎I can hide up above 我不想假装不在乎别人的看法,但我也必须注重实用。 ...

Life is like a journey, in which the final destination is not important while the scenery along the road and the mood of enjoying the scenery are of true value. Let our souls have a fresh travel. 英文翻译需要遵循的原则: 动宾连...

You don't care me!! 推荐个软件,有道词典,可以翻译句子的,也可以差词语......

如果你不在乎,我也不在乎 标准译法是: If you don't care,neither do I. 地道一点的译法是: If you don't give a damn, neither do I. 出自中白兰度.

不在乎 not mind Not care

do not care 不关心; 不在乎; 那个啥; 无所谓; 无关; Good-bye! Believe me, I do not care for you. 再见了!请相信我,我的心已不在你身上。

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