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That he didn't come to school was because he was ill then. because .表示原因 That’s why I was late.表示结果

That is why... 那就是......的原因,那就是为什么......, 所以(因此)......; That is because... 那是因为...... That is why I came late. 那就是我迟到的原因(所以我就迟到了/ 那就是我为什么来晚)。 That is because my family is poor. ...

引导名词性从句的关联词除that外,还有who, whom, whose, what, which, whoever, whomever, whichever, whatever, when, where, why, how, if和whether等。 就你所提的why和because引导表语从句时的区别。 在句型That / It is + 表语从句中,why...

why 和 because 有自己的意思;另外,虽然 why和 because 都可引导表语从句,但前者强调结果,后者强调原因。如: The reason was that you don’t trust her. 原因是你不信任她。 The fact is that they are angry with each other. 事实是他们...

Why 为什么 how 如何


表语从句的引导词有以下几种类型: 1. 从属连词whether,as,as if / though引导的表语从句。 例句:It sounds as if someone is knocking at the door.听起来好像有人在敲门。 2. because,why引导的表语从句。 例句:That's why he got angry ...

第二个翻译是对的,i hate him是对why的解释,why相当于一个名词


是由why引导的表语从句。 可以改为“That's the reason that I like you”.

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