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八月 英文:August; the eighth month of the lunar year; the eighth moon; Aug a muggy August day 八月里闷热的一天 Autumn starts in August, and goes on to October. 秋天从八月开始, 一直持续到十月. We'll take our holiday sometime...



August英[ˈɔ:gəst] 美['ɔɡəst] n.八月; (简写为Aug) 奥古斯特; [网络]燃烬八月; 八月公司; 八; [例句]The world premiere took place in August 1956. 全球首映是在1956年8月。 [其他]复数:Augusts


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八月 n. eighth month, August 八月初early in August; in early August 八月是农村最烦忙的时候。August is the busiest time in the countryside.


It is the fifteenth day of August on the lunar calendar today. It is lunar August 15/15th today. It is August 15 / 15th on the lunar calendar today.

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