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你也是的英文翻译是You too。 词汇分析音标:英 [ju: tu:] 美 [ju tu] 释义:你也是 拓展资料1、A lot of people are like, Aren't you too young to invest in the markets? 很多人都会像这样说:投资股市你会不会太小了? 2、Maria: Thanks, S...

you too. 如果是祝福的话 -happy new year -the same to you.

You, too.

要看具体情况哟 1. 肯定句: 可以用: so do/did/are/were you. 或用;too 表示 如:I go to school by bus every day. So do you. They went swimming yesterday. So did you. I like English. You like it, too. 2 否定句: 可以用: either/ ...

you are my baby as well !(as well yell是"也"的意思,you是第三人称谓语动词需用are)

you too. The same to you. so do you .

你好,很高兴为你解答,答案如下: 晚上好,你也是。 Good evening, you are. 希望我的回答对你有帮助。

你好 do you think,ether?这里一般不用too too用于肯定句中,ether用于疑问,否定句是用neither


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